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DBIA Designation 

Since its inception in 1994, DBIA has been an advocate in pursuing and promoting “Best Practices” in Integrated Project Delivery. As with all organizations, an accepted level of excellence is aspired to.  Today, we have a designation program that sets and maintains a standard of excellence in integrated project delivery. We will soon see the DBIA designation utilized as a weighted selection criteria and part of the RFP project selection process.

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What is the Purpose of Designation?

Designation creates an accepted and recognized educational standard for experienced, knowledgeable practitioners that possess a qualified and quantified level of expertise in design-build project delivery.


What are the Benefits of Designation?

An individual who successfully completes the requirements of the Program will be appointed as a Designated Design-Build Professional™. Designees will have earned the right to display “DBIA” after their names, identifying them to design-build end-users and the community at-large as a professional in design-build project delivery.


What are the Program Requirements?

Experience: 3 years total of substantial, documented experience in a responsible position in the design-build method of project delivery; OR Masters degree in a concentrated design-build university level program approved by the Designation Board, and 2 years of documented direct experience in a responsible position on design-build projects.


Education: Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in architecture, engineering, construction management, or Designation Board approved field of study; OR an additional 3 years documented direct experience in a responsible position on design-build projects.


Get Certified

DBIA offers two types of Certification. Which is right for you?

Design-Build Professional™  ( DBIA™)

Attaining the DBIA™ requires from two to six years of hands-on experience of pre and post-award design-build. Credential holders who display “DBIA” after their names come from traditional design and construction backgrounds; they are private or public sector architects, engineers and construction professionals. Some attorneys and academic practitioners who specialize in design and construction generally and design-build specifically may also fulfill the DBIA™ requirements.



Associate Design-Build Professional ™ (Assoc. DBIA™)

Unlike the DBIA™ credential, obtaining the Assoc. DBIA™ does not require hands-on field experience. Instead, this credential is focused on three key types of individuals who possess a different type of experience: (1) pre-award professionals focusing on critical aspects of the design-build process such as business development and acquisition/procurement; (2) seasoned professionals who are new to design-build project delivery, but not new to the design and construction industry; and (3) emerging professionals such as recent college graduates with relevant educational background in the AEC industry.


You can compare the requirements for obtaining each credential by scrolling all the way down. If you have any questions please visit ourFrequently Asked Questions page or contact the certification department at 202-682-0110. 

General Steps to Certification

Step 1: Complete the Certification Application and submit for approval.
Step 2: Demonstrate the required educational background in your application. 
Step 3: Complete the required Core Courses (see three ways to do this below).
Step 4: Successfully pass the Comprehensive Exam.
* DBIATM certification also requires 18 hours of elective credit and three professional references.

**For a detailed review of the certification process and FAQs, click here.

Three Ways to Complete Core Courses
1. Workshop 

A three-day intensive program including three of DBIA's four core courses required for certification and access to the online Fundamentals of Project Delivery course (remaining core course) and the exam prep course. 
Workshop Schedule - 8:00am-5:00pm

 (includes breakfast and lunch each day) 

Day 1: Principles of Design-Build Project Delivery

Day 2: Post-Award Design-Build

Day 3: Design-Build Contracts and Risk Management


 View the Schedule-at-a-Glance to find and register for the next certification workshop.

Certification Workshop Pricing ​

​​DBIA Member Price​$2,100 ​

DBIA Owner Member Price​$1,200​

Non-Member Price


​DBIA Non-Member Owner Price ​$1,500



2. University Bootcamp 

DBIA has teamed up with top universities to offer you a way to optimize your time, energy and dollars by offering the four-day intensive Boot Camp format.  In addition to three of the four core courses and access to the online Fundamentals of Project Delivery course (remaining core course) and the exam prep, these programs are expanded to include guest lecturers, networking events and social activities. 

Workshop Schedule - 8:00am-5:00pm

(includes breakfast and lunch each day and one reception/dinner)


Day 1: Principles of Design-Build Project Delivery

Day 2: Post-Award Design-Build​

Day 3: Design-Build Contracts and Risk Management

            Networking reception and Dinner

Day 4: Designated Design-Build Exam Prep

View the Schedule-at-a-Glance to find and register for the next University Bootcamp.

University Boot Camp Pricing ​

​​DBIA Member Price​$2,800 ​

DBIA Owner Member Price​$1,200​

Non-Member Price

$3,800​ ​

DBIA Non-Member Owner Price​$1,500​



3. Take the courses A-La-Carte

The three core courses may be taken individually at separate times, however, they are only ever offered as part of a workshop or bootcamp. To take a course a-la-carte, you would join the workshop or bootcamp for only the day of that course. The prices vary and are available under the A-La-Carte Courses tab here.

Additional Coursework:18 Hours of Designation Board approved elective credit – (Approved credit includes but is not limited to DBIA Annual Conferences, Specialty Conferences and Chapter programs)


Examination: Successful Completion of the Design Build Designation Examination.  Eligible to sit only after application approval and completion of required courses


References: Three (3) professional references attesting to your design-build experience and knowledge. Applications must include at least one owner/client reference.



Application Fee - $95.00

Designation Exam Fee - $350/sitting

Click Here to download the certification application.


Great Lakes Region Design-Build Designated Professionals


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