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DBIA is the only organization that defines, teaches and promotes design-build best practices. Members are connected to a network of over 5,000 leaders in the design and construction industry.

Who are DBIA members? 

Members span the entire spectrum of design and construction professions including, architects, engineers, specialty contractors, public and private facility owners, attorneys, industry consultants, business development professionals, students and faculty.


Membership Categories

  • Industry Partner | learn more
    An organizational membership which provides member benefits to an institution and its employees.

    • AE/EA Firm

    • At-Risk Firm

    • Professional Services Firm

    • Public/Private Owner

    • Specialty Contractor or Manufacturer/Supplier Firm


  • Individual | learn more
    A membership which provides benefits to an individual who is either an employee of a government agency, a private facility, or a student or faculty member at an institution of higher education.

    • Owner

    • Practitioner

    • Consultant/Owner Representative

    • Young Professional​

    • Student

    • Academia

    • Additional Contact

       The annual dues are $45/year – our lowest member rate available.


        In order to qualify, Retired Members must meet the following qualifications:


             - Current DBIA member in good standing

             - At least 10 years of DBIA membership

             - 62 or more years of age

             - Substantially retired from all gainful employment*


     Defined as: A member who is fully retired from their profession and does not own or work for a company that provides          consulting services.


     Retired members will continue to receive the same benefits as a full member, but will now have Retired Member status.        This membership category will not be available online and will be processed in-house at National.

     Members who are DBIA™ or Assoc. DBIA™ certified will have the ability to become a DBIA Retired Member. Certifications        will be kept in good standing and will not require any additional CEUs to maintain their certification.


(IP) = Exclusive Industry Partner Benefit


Education and Professional Development

  • Access to the webinar subscription service (IP)

  • Discounts for everyone in your organization on all educational programs, conferences and publications. (IP)

  • Individual members receive discounts on all educational programs, conferences and publications.

  • Discounts on coursework toward earning and maintaining the Designated Design-Build Professional credentials.

  • Membership in your local DBIA Region.

Network and Knowledge Sharing

  • Connect with over 4,200 members. Meet industry leaders and network with owners.

  • Committee volunteer opportunities.

Professional Resources

  • Complimentary access to all chapters of the Design-Build Manual of Practice.

  • Discounts on DBIA contract documents, forms and books.

  • Complimentary subscription to Integration Quarterly magazine.

  • Complimentary issues of Design-Build Insight, a weekly e-newsletter.​


  • DBIA works with elected officials and government agencies at the state, local and federal levels to expand design-build authority and implement best practices.

  • DBIA members are strongly encouraged to assist DBIA in identifying opportunities and executing strategies to protect and expand design-build through the legislative and regulatory process.

  • DBIA members receive the latest news and updates regarding the status of design-build laws and regulations in the states and the federal government.

Enhance Your Firm’s Visibility

  • Enhanced listing in DBIA member directory. (IP)

  • Use of DBIA Member logo on marketing materials and website. (IP)

  • Discounts on DBIA advertising and CareerSpot job postings.

  • Access to the Owner Nomination Program. (IP)

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